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How to Dress Like Gilda Joyce (or: How to Shop in Your Own Closet)

Monday, October 31st, 2011

A Gilda Joyce fan in costume

Finally, my favorite holiday of the year has arrived! This year, I’m thinking of dressing up as my best friend Wendy Choy (partly just to annoy her) or my neighbor, Mrs. Frickle. (And yes, Mrs. Frickle still owns that pink wig!) I’m leaning toward Mrs. Frickle for obvious reasons.

Some inspired readers have emailed me wondering how they can create their own Gilda Joyce costume. To them, I say: congratulations on picking one of the most fun and flexible costumes you can find!

As you probably know, I am a sleuth of many styles. In fact, a Gilda Joyce spy-girl costume is truly a “dress-up-at-the-last-minute-and-still-look-fabulous” solution for those of us who need to “shop in our own closets.”


1. A must: cat’s-eye sunglasses (you can find these at lots of party stores or costume stores)

2. A wig of some kind (kind of messy-looking is best, although I like ALL wigs)

3. Long strand of fake pearls or other inexpensive costume jewelry

4. A reporter’s notebook and pen and/or pair of binoculars as a prop.

5. Fancy shoes with heels (but make sure you can walk!)

6. Something with leopard print if you can find it, or some other flamboyant accessory, like a colorful scarf.

7. A vintage dress if you can find one — or something that resembles an old evening gown that you found in someone’s attic. A tip: Gilda readers know that I love to make discoveries in unexpected places. When looking for a Gilda Joyce costume, you might make some great “finds” in your grandma’s closet as well as at vintage clothing stores and costume stores.

8. Some red lipstick, fake fingernails, and/or false eyelashes if you want to be Gilda-in-disguise.

9. Finally, be sure to take along one of your favorite Gilda Joyce mysteries so that when people ask you, “Who are you supposed to be?” you can pull out your book and point to the cover! :)

Finally, and don’t forget to send me a picture once you’re wearing your costume! I can’t wait to see it!

Happy haunting!


Gilda Joyce