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Why Re-read a Favorite Book?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Jennifer Allison and "reader extraordinaire" Kaleigh Young

Once again, more than thousands hundreds seven readers have been left wondering what happened to me. And once again, I can only explain that if you knew you would run to your bedroom and hide under your mattress for the rest of the week. Luckily, I’m keeping my own life to myself, and tactfully turning my attention to the media’s favorite means of avoiding the craft of writing – the “interview with an expert.”

In that spirit, today marks the launch of a new feature on the GILDA JOYCE website – Our “Gilda Joyce Reader-of-the-Month” (or possibly “Reader-of-the-year” or “decade” depending on how long it takes me to find my way back to this blog once I sign off).

Today I am honored to feature 5th grader Kaleigh Young, who is a GILDA JOYCE reader extraordinaire and an aspiring writer!

GJ: So Kaleigh, tell us why you are featured as our first GILDA JOYCE reader-of-the-month.

K: I have read all of the Gilda Joyce books 5 times.

GJ: Did you say FIVE times for each book?

K: Yes! I especially like to reread my favorite – The Ladies of the Lake and The Bones of the Holy. I also listen to them on audio books.

GJ: What makes you want to re-read a favorite book? Do you notice different details at the second (or third, or fifth!) reading? Why go back and experience the same story again?

K: I think that by rereading you can see more details and enjoy the descriptive writing over and over again. I can read my favorite parts knowing what is going to happen next, and sometimes by pretending that I don’t know.

GJ: I think re-reading shows that you’re sensitive to language – not just what happens in the story.

K: Yes.

GJ:  You have said that THE LADIES OF THE LAKE and THE BONES OF THE HOLY are your favorite GILDA JOYCE books. Why these two?

K: I like The Bones of the Holy because it takes place in one of my favorite cities to visit, St. Augustine, Florida. I like how the ghost stories in the book remind me of the ghost tours that I have gone on in St. Augustine while visiting there. I like Ladies of the Lake because I feel like that is one of the most descriptive books. For example, the part when the girl is stumbling through the woods blindfolded…. I can almost feel how cold and uncomfortable she was.

GJ: How have the Gilda Joyce mysteries and other favorite books inspired you in your own life?

K: The Gilda Joyce series has inspired me in my own life in many ways. One of them being, as soon as I read my first book I immediately wanted a typewriter and to be a psychic investigator! I got my typewriter for Christmas and I still use it often today for my writing. I feel like I can express my ideas better on a typewriter than on a computer. I also rarely by department-store clothes anymore; most of my clothes come from vintage clothing shops.

GJ: Kaleigh, I applaud both your fashion sense and your writing methods.

K: Thank you!

GJ: Can you suggest some other books that Gilda Joyce fans like you might enjoy?

K: I would have to recommend Jerry Spinelli (Stargirl) and Sharon Creech (Ruby Holler). They are my other two favorite authors (But don’t tell Jennifer Allison that I have other favorites!)

GJ: It’s just between you and me, Kaleigh. Thanks so much for sharing some sources of inspiration for us today; I’ll look forward to reading one of your novels in the future!

K: I hope so!