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Now that I’ve finally recovered from the New-Year’s-Eve revelry, I’m ready to get serious about my list of New-Year’s resolutions.

What, pray tell, could a young psychic investigator and novelist like me possibly need to improve?

Well, since we’re all friends here, I don’t mind sharing a few items from my ever-expanding list:

1.     Stop eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

2.     Time my angst-filled phone calls to my best friend during daylight hours instead of after midnight. (Aren’t you proud of me, Wendy?)

3.     Find more opportunities to wear my new velvet shoes with purple ribbons.

4.   Get a new notebook and keep it with me at all times. In other words, write more!

“But wait a minute, Gilda,” I can hear you saying, “You who have ‘diarrhea of the pen’ couldn’t possibly need to get more writing done!”
While it’s true that I’ve been known to type into the wee hours of the morning, it’s also true that the demands of my careers—not to mention my ever-growing pile of math homework—have a way of cutting into my writing habits these days.

However, it has also recently come to my attention that I have lots of little drab, linty bits of time that could be used to complete a new bestseller (or at least a new submission to the school newspaper) if only I could find a way to roll them into a giant dust-bunny of productivity.

For this reason, I am starting the year with – TA DA! –  a fresh new tiny notebook. It’s ever so cute and is small enough to hide quickly in a pocket if someone catches me scribbling away when I’m supposed to be doing trigonometry.

I usually hate tiny notebooks because they don’t give me room to sprawl and scribble as messily as I want. But my “idea notebook” reminds me that sometimes it’s okay to jot down an short observation, an idea for a story title, or even a little poem instead of a whole novel chapter or even a whole paragraph.

Later, when I finally have time to sit down at my typewriter and concentrate for a few hours, I’ll turn back to my tiny book of ideas for sources of inspiration and details to enhance my stories. If nothing else, I’ll be able to laugh at myself when I come across title ideas like my recent entry: “The Wig that Ate Detroit.”

Bus ride to school?

Perfect time to take notes on the sights, sounds and smells of the early-morning school day.

History class?

Perfect time to jot down that idea for a historical novel.


Great time to jot down that joke your best friend made about the corndogs and record it for posterity.

Commuter lane on the freeway?

Okay, let’s not go too far! Unless your mom or dad is driving, of course; in that case, scribble away!

So let’s get to it! Grab that little ideas notebook (preferably in leopard print or similar) and jot down those ideas whenever you have a minute! Sometimes less adds up to more, so let’s squeeze in time for writing, and stay inspired this year!

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  1. Evelina Says:

    That is a brilliant idea! I’ve always needed something of an “idea catcher.” This sounds perfect. I also can’t wait for the next Gilda Joyce book!

  2. carrie Says:

    I am so excited for the next Gilda Joyce book, I wish it came out sooner! Gilda’s life is so exciting and interesting to read. Whenever I come across something I think what would Gilda do? Jennifer Allison makes Gilda really come to life.

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