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The Bones of the Holy


The Bones of the Holy cover


When my mom announced her engagement to a man from St. Augustine, Florida, I was appalled. I hadn’t even given him the "Joyce Family Application" yet!

But now that the wedding preparations are getting underway, I have much bigger concerns. Why is my mom acting so weird? And why do I keep seeing the ghost of a bride walking around the city?

With only a few short days before Mom says "I do," I know this much for sure: it's going to take every ounce of my sleuthing skill and psychic savvy to solve this one!


Packing List for the Reluctant Southern Belle:

  • Fancy hat with wide brim and plume
  • Historic “Southern Belle” Halloween costume: 19th-century-style skirt with petticoats, corseted bodice, and wig with ringlets
  • Makeup (because a true Southern belle wouldn’t be caught dead without lipstick)
  • Map of St. Augustine, Florida
  • Mosquito netting for bed
  • “Gator-B-Gone” perfume (haha)
  • Dainty Confederate-flag handkerchief (just kidding)
  • Investigation tools including flashlight
  • Guidebooks: Florida Ghost Stories and Haunted Houses of the South.
  • Southern belle handbooks, including: The Tender Magnolia: a Primer for Young Ladies of the Sunshine State; The Devil Is in the Details: A Handbook for the Wannabe Southern Belle; Becoming a Southern Belle: A Guide for the Northerner; and Southern Weddings
  • Ugly bridesmaid dress for participation in wedding ceremony
  • Dyed-to-match shoes to wear with hideous bridesmaid dress
  • Tiara (why not?)
  • My typewriter (because my baby comes with me when I travel!)

--Gilda Joyce

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Published June 9, 2011

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