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Copyright © 2005-2009
by Jennifer Allison

Book art by Greg Swearingen


Excerpts from The Master Psychic's Handbook

By Balthazar Frobenius

Balthazar Frobenius grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He has used his psychic gifts to help detectives solve numerous crimes. He is also Gilda Joyce’s advisor through his book, The Master Psychic’s Handbook.


On Recognizing Psychic Impulses

“For the psychic it is often the unexpected impulse that leads her to people in need of help, clues that solve crimes, and even spirits seeking her attention. Over time, you will recognize your own physical cues: you may have headaches, itches, aches, twitches, or other physical sensations that become your own personal psychic signals.”

—Balthazar Frobenius

Gilda’s psychic signal: An itch in her left ear.


On Using Automatic Writing to Communicate with Spirits

“This writing technique is like being a ventriloquist for the dead. Handwriting can be another means of accessing a voice from beyond! I prefer writing by hand, using a tablet of paper made from a very rare type of tree that has ancient magical properties.”

—Balthazar Frobenius

Gilda’s automatic writing method: Typing on her father’s typewriter.


An Ancient Divination Technique

“When a text with strong magical vibrations is opened randomly in response to a specific question, the first word that appears to the seeker is a message that must be interpreted: it may be an omen of events yet to happen in the future or a clue to explain a secret of the past. The ancients used this psychic technique by turning to the works of Homer or Virgil, whereas Christians in the Middle Ages flipped through the pages of the Bible. The accuracy of this method is linked to the interpretive abilities of the psychic who uses it.”

—Balthazar Frobenius

Gilda’s divination source: An old dictionary


On Use of the Pendulum

“Of all the psychic methods I’ve used, the pendulum is perhaps the most efficacious technique for ‘reading’ objects connected with an individual. I’ve found numerous missing persons and also located the bodies of murder victims this way. My pendulum was a gift from my grandmother, who was also a psychic…. Using this object along with a map or photograph, I have been able to detect the location of wrongful deaths.”

—Balthazar Frobenius

Gilda’s pendulum: an enormous Everlasting Gobstopper affixed to a lengthy piece of pink yarn.